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Business Energy Alignment

Discover the Power of Energy
Get Clear, Get Aligned, Get into Action

Clear the Confusion and gain the Clarity on your next steps

Why the Galus Method?

It is an innovative approach that places energy at the center of
the decision-making process for your business

As a business owner, you know all too well the challenges of managing the various aspects of your company. From client deliverables and marketing, to bookkeeping and content creation, the responsibilities can feel overwhelming and cause mental clutter.

The Galus Method helps you overcome these obstacles by using energy testing techniques and the GPS Grid to determine your essential business priorities. By realigning your time, systems, team, and structures with your business frequency, the method brings clarity, confidence, and courage to make the best decisions for both your business and personal life. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a clearer, more focused path forward

The Benefits

  • Uncover energy frictions that hinder growth or efficiency

  • Determine areas of your business that need immediate attention for quick results

  • Develop a straightforward strategic roadmap

  • Focus on profitable projects that align with your business vision

  • Boost confidence in making meaningful business decisions

  • Encourage creative thinking

  • Efficiently allocate time, resources, and effort to the most pressing tasks

  • Provide highly customized solutions that are aligned with the unique frequency of your business

Business Offers

To suit your short and long terms business goals

Energy Alignment Program

Duration: 3 months

  • 30 minute introductory call + 6 x 75 minute zoom calls

  • Complete energetic alignment assessment on the 12 business maps (environment, foundations, service delivery, finance, strategic planning, marketing, human resources, stakeholder relations, management, wellness, contribution, vision).

  • Advice and support between sessions, with up to 10 hours of offline energy testing.

  • A strategic roadmap with your key priorities, actions and deadlines.

Clarity Session

2 hour Call

  • Clarity session on your most pressing business challenges

  • Find the clarity and confidence to make your next important business decisions.

  • Adjust your short-term priorities and focus your attention and energy on the most relevant projects.

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