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The Method

"If you want to find the secret of the universe, think of terms of energy, frequency and vibration"

Nikola Tesla

Are you pursuing the right career?

Let's figure it out together

This method is an innovative approach for evaluating intuition and energy, offering a practical framework for making sound decisions in everyday life.

Imagine the possibilities that would open up if you possessed the ability to instantaneously assess the energies, frequencies, and vibrations in your surroundings, and connect solely with those that align with your "Home" frequency - the essence of your being.

In reality, this power already exists within you, in the form of your inner GPS, which offers clear direction in response to daily life situations, encompassing relationships, work, health, activities, and goals.

By allowing your intuition to guide you towards your highest potential future, your inner guidance illuminates the path to success in every facet of life. As you follow your Inner GPS, you quickly realize that it holds knowledge about the past, present, and future that your mind alone could not possibly comprehend.

Fanny Galus Speaker Mindvalley University Tallinn 2022 Speaker
GPS Grid from the Galus Method

To facilitate the guidance coming from your soul, a numerical energy tool is used, called GPS Grid, "Guided Path to your Soul" Grid.

It indicates your energy level in your 12 life maps (home, health, career, finances, relationships, contribution, spirituality, ...) and assists in identifying the low energy areas and where to better focus your attention and intention for a more balanced life.


By measuring how far you are from being in alignment with your soul, we can identify the next course of actions to raise your frequency and formulate a program to get you back into your flow.

These actions could include adjustments to your nutrition, integrating new activities into your life, dedicating more time to self-development programs, changing your career, and much more. The possibilities are limitless, with your higher self being the only entity that knows what is best for you.

The benefit of connecting to your inner guidance is a sense of personal empowerment, you are your own best life coach, all you have to do is to listen

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 Fanny Galus Speaker Mindvalley University Tallinn Workshop Galus Method

The method offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Increased clarity of vision

  • identification and removal of negative habits

  • Development and implementation of practical actions using the GPS Road Map

  • Discovery of energy levels in 12 life areas

Additionally, this method is suitable for individuals feeling lost, at a crossroads, or stuck in life and can aid in the creation of routines that support your energy, promoting holistic wellness.

White Sand and Stone

My Mission

My mission is to develop intuitive methods that are easily accessible to all,  promoting the harmonious unification of spiritual and physical aspects of the self.

II believe that everyone possesses the ability to utilize their spiritual energy work as a practical, tangible tool.


By sharing these tools to as many people as possible, I am confident that individuals can reconnect with themselves and tap into their own soul wisdom, empowering them to make decisions that strengthen their sense of agency and capability in their daily lives.

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