The Method

"If you want to find the secret of the universe, think of terms of energy, frequency and vibration"

Nikola Tesla

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This method is an innovative approach to intuition and energy testing, it provides a framework to assess the energies and show you the way to the best decisions in your day to day life, in a simple and practical manner.

Imagine what your life could be if you had the power to instantly measure the energies, frequencies, and vibrations in your environment and connect only with the ones in alignment with your soul, your 'Home' frequency. 


You do have this power, it is your inner GPS which provides you with a clear direction to respond to daily life situations involving relationships, work, health, activities, goals.


Your inner guidance shows you the path to success in every area of your life if you allow your intuition to lead you towards your best potential future. When you begin to follow your Inner GPS, you quickly realize that it knows things about the past, present, and future that your mind could not possibly know. 

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GPS Grid from the Galus Method

To facilitate the guidance coming from your soul, a numerical energy tool is used, called GPS Grid, "Guided Path to your Soul" Grid.

It indicates your energy level in your 12 life maps (home, health, career, finances, relationships, contribution, spirituality, ...) and assists in identifying the low energy areas and where to better focus your attention and intention for a more balanced life.


By measuring how far you are from being in alignment with your soul, we can identify the next course of actions to raise your frequency and formulate a program to get you back into your flow.

Those actions can be to adjust your nutrition, add new nourishing activities into your life, invest more time in self-development programs, change career and so many more, the possibilities are endless and only your higher self knows what is best for you.

The benefit of connecting to your inner guidance is a sense of personal empowerment, you are your own best life coach, all you have to do is to listen

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 Fanny Galus Speaker Mindvalley University Tallinn Workshop Galus Method

The method is beneficial for:

  • Clarity of vision

  • Identify and remove negative habits 

  • Raise vibrations

  • Alignement with your soul frequency

  • Life purpose re-defined

  • Develop and follow practical actions with the GPS Road Map

  • Discover your energy level in 12 areas of your life

  • Needing life guidance

  • Feeling at a crossroads, or stuck in life

  • Create a routine that supports your energy

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My Mission

My mission is to create accessible intuitive methods that help people connect their spiritual selves to their physical ones. 

I believe anyone can use their own spiritual energy work as a practical, tangible tool.


By empowering as many people with these tools, I believe people can reconnect to themselves and tap into their own soul wisdom to make the daily life decisions that help them feel powerful and capable in their own lives. 

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