Fanny Galus

Energy Alignment Consultant

for Businesses & Individuals

Guiding heart-centered professionals to follow their own inner GPS

Do you need clarity and guidance to solve some of these questions?

Are you pursuing the right career?

Should you start this new project?

Is your marketing strategy in alignment with your company?

Are you living in the right city?

What is your home energy?

How should you price your services?

What activities uplift your energy?

Get started by joining me for a clarity call to answer your most pressing questions as we tap into your own natural intuition.  

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My Method

My method takes an innovative approach to intuition.  Together, we assess the energies in the key areas of your life and build a roadmap towards living the life that’s in alignment with your soul, always known as your “home” frequency.  Most importantly, I teach you how to make the best decisions for yourself.  ​

To facilitate the guidance coming from your soul, I use a numerical energy scale called GPS or the "Guided Path to your Soul" Grid.

It indicates your energy level in various areas of your life (home, health, career, finances, relationships, contribution, spirituality, ...) and provides a point of reference on where to focus your attention (and intentions) for a better, more balanced and joyful life.

By measuring how far you are from being in alignment with your soul, we work together to identify the next course of action to raise your frequency and formulate a program, the GPS Road Map, to get back into your flow.

Gain clarity in your personal and professional life

Receive guidance that aligns with your Soul's purpose

Take practical steps to making energetic changes in specific areas of your life

Candles & Plants

Charlie, Feng Shui Consultant

I'm totally loving it!

The method is clear, efficient and straight to the point. It just makes sense. So much so that I'm planning on implementing it into my own business in order to assess my clients' needs in a more powerful, understandable and visual way.

Thank you for bringing this gem into the world.


Ingrid, Anthropologist

It's an amazing method to assess how to come back into balance and to bring conscious awareness to parts of your life in an integrated way that connects material/practical and physical inner states - truly a GPS Roadmap

Sadia, Marketing Director

The 12-week Program is totally transformative. I'm now able to connect to my body and build the perfect daily and weekly schedule that fits my needs for my body, mind and soul.

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