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My name is Fanny Galus.  I’m an Alignment and Business Coach teaching transformational life strategies.  I’ve been intuitive since I was a young girl and embraced my calling after 15 years as a Business Strategist and Global Corporate Leader across 4 continents.  

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My Story

8 years ago while working in Hong Kong, I experienced my first panic attack, brought on by stress and burn out. I decided then that the fast-paced, high-pressured corporate life in China wasn’t for me anymore and I relocated to South Africa with my company. I believed a change of environment will fix everything but the panic attacks came back even stronger. This intense period, where I literally couldn’t breathe properly, became the catalyst for my spiritual journey, as I began to study breathwork techniques and meditations. This marked a changing point in my life, and I took the first step down a more spiritual path to explore energy modalities and consciousness.


In parallel with my corporate career in Cape Town, I was now learning new skills and gaining more experience of tapping into my own intuition and energy to make life decisions. Using intuition as a guide became a way of life, both personally and professionally. I used it to guide me on anything and everything - from making sure I was eating the right food, building the adequate workout program or choosing where to travel next, right through to making strategic business decisions. I was calmer, I was stronger and I was no longer suffering from paralysing anxiety attacks.

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Then 2020 came and I, like many others, lost my job as a result of the pandemic. But I was OK - I had been feeling for a while that a different life path was calling me. I knew that the corporate world was no longer the right fit for me - I instead felt called to share the magic of intuition-led living with others.


As an analytical, logical person (after all, I’d built a successful career based on these very skills), I needed to find a way to measure and demonstrate what I was experiencing. To take something that by now had become so instinctive to me, and to create a mappable scale around it so that I - and later others - could measure the power of a single decision or choice. To turn the spiritually led energy work into a practical, tangible tool that anyone could use and benefit from.


During the pandemic, now free from work, I built the Guided Path to Your Soul Grid (GPS Grid) along with maps to be used to discover your energy level in various areas of your life. I have also developed a 12 weeks program to learn the full potential of the Galus Method and GPS Grid and their benefits in your life.

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Now, 2 years later, I split my time between my two homes in Europe and South Africa. I coach people all over the world to use the GPS Grid and love seeing their connection with themselves flourish as a result. 


When I am not coaching or leading women’s circles, you will find me hiking in the mountains, reading, dancing at sunset on the beach, or travelling the world.



Reach out for more information about the Method and my offerings

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